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What is a Mother Mary Blessing?

A “Blessing” is a transference or transmission of the purest and highest energy of Love.  In that love, you are changed and transformed, and to the extent that you allow for that change to take place in your heart, your mind or spirit - a miracle can take place.  A shift happens within you instantaneously.  From that place between time and space, from one heartbeat to the next, you are changed, and you are healed or transformed.

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Mother Mary's Chapel

Come sit in the Chapel, light a candle, and in the silence of your heart and spirit be renewed with a powerful Blessing from Mother Mary.

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Schedule a Mother Mary Blessing with Bishop Mei Lan WhiteWolfStar

Read here about Mei Lan WhiteWolfStar's rich spiritual history, her journey with Mother Mary, her work as a Bishop with the Madonna Ministry, her shamanic teaching, and her extraordinary training and preparation that began when she was just a child six years old.

Then, leave her a note requesting a Mother Mary Blessing.

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New Year Blessing 2018

Dearest One,

In this New Year, know that my Presence is beside you each day as you have called to me.  You are Blessed with new beginnings and fresh opportunities to know Love, and BE Love!

 And here is my Blessing for the earth and all who dwell here:

I place the Earth inside my House, and cradled it in my tender arms… I Bless that all Life be respected, protected and kept from the cruel and greedy,

 I call upon the Angels of Peace open their wings and hold the earth in the Light!

 I bless all ravaged lands be healed and restored to the Garden that was meant to be,

 I Bless all waters of oceans, lakes and rivers be cleansed of toxins and pollutions, and restored to the life-giving home and source for all who dwell and are nourished by the waters,

 I Bless all the hungry and homeless be fed and nourished, and restored to full rights and entitlements of food and shelter, warmth and comfort,

 I Bless all children to be loved and nurtured as the future of humanity, and all elders be honored and taken care of as the Wisdom Keepers of humanity,

 I Bless all genders and practices be respected, honored as all are part of the family of Humanity,

 I Bless all Leaders to see and speak the truth, act with integrity and wisdom, & guide with foresight and Right Action,

 I Bless your family and community with Harmony, respect, Love and Peace,

 I Bless that you learn from your personal journey, and gain wisdom, compassion, and love for others, as they are mirrors of what is within you,

 I Bless that you are a part of the solution, protectors and guardians of truth, Goodness and the Light,

 I Bless that you shall prosper in health, in treasured memories, success in all endeavors that serves the Light, and the Guiding Principal of Love!

 And now, my Beloved Child:

My Peace is Upon you!

My Love enfolds you and holds you!

My Grace fills you!

My Light surrounds you and reignites every cell and atom within your body, and your Being to Health and wellbeing!

 In Love and Peace,

Mother Mary

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This site is supported through contributions from people who appreciate what they found here. Be it an uplifting story, a quiet healing time in the chapel, or a transformational Mother Mary Blessing, gifts of all sizes help keep the Love Energy flowing.