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What is a Mother Mary Blessing?

A “Blessing” is a transference or transmission of the purest and highest energy of Love.  In that love, you are changed and transformed, and to the extent that you allow for that change to take place in your heart, your mind or spirit - a miracle can take place.  A shift happens within you instantaneously.  From that place between time and space, from one heartbeat to the next, you are changed, and you are healed or transformed.  This is something that science cannot explain, and mystics through the ages cannot verbalize, it has been called miracles, Light, illumination, transfiguration, enlightenment, or ascension.  It is personal and subjective, and may heal those deep wounds of your psyche, the heart that gone through too much pain and suffering, and the spirit that has sustained damage and post traumatic stress from lifetimes of abuse.

For many people, the experience of the Mother Mary Blessing may help to open their minds and hearts to a greater reality, and dissolve the fear, distrust, anxiety, pain, and suffering that they have held onto for maybe years or lifetimes.  It allows them to let go of old patterns that no longer controls them, and move them into a parallel universe where healing is possible, love is the norm and what we can offer each other to heal our personal wounds, and heal the world at this time of great change and challenge. Many people experience a deep change in who and what they are, and how they experience life. It can expand your perception of reality to encompass a great possibility, and a deeper understanding and relationship to God.

It is my gift and service to the world, and all life!


Mei Lan


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A Blessing From Mother Mary:

Dearest One,

From the first moment that your eyes opened into this lifetime, I have watched your every breath, every step, and every moment that brought you happiness or pain.  You are not forgotten.  You are held in my heart as are all of my children.  Children are children, there is no distinction in my eyes – all souls are pure and have no assignment of gender, religion, culture or practices. Know that you are loved beyond measure!

Now I ask you to place your hand over your heart, and feel my Presence and my Love pour into your heart, dissolving all grief and pain, loss and fear, anger and distrust, Post Traumatic Stress and regrets! Let my Love begin to heal and restore the Origin of Intent of God within your mind, your body, your health, your emotions, your past, and your memories. Let the cleansing Light of God dissolve and remove all residues of sadness and anguish in you, restoring all that is Good and Right and Blessed within you!

From this moment forward, you are Blessed! You are Blessed as you step into each sunrise of your Life with clarity and Grace, to meet each moment with discovery, gentleness, Kindness and Gratitude towards your Self and others, and accept all as Children of God who are on their own Journey, whatever that might be.  And you are Blessed as you retire at each sunset and know that you are cherished, Loved and Beloved!

And now, my Beloved Child:
My Peace is Upon you!
My Love enfolds you and holds you!
My Light surrounds you and reignites every cell and atom within your body, and your Being!

In Love and Peace,
Mother Mary


A Testimonial


"When Mei Lan mentioned a Mother Mary Blessing, I had no idea what she was talking about, so I had no specific expectations. During the Blessing, I had a vision of a white wolf, which I only later related to Mei Lan's spirit name WhiteWolfStar. Its loving and healing energy brought tears to my eyes. After that I am not sure what I experienced but when it was over I felt calmer and fresher and more energized. But it was over the coming days and weeks that my mind was really blown. It was as if I was becoming who I always thought I could be if-only (and I never knew what the if-only was). I had one more Mother Mary Blessing after that, that was when I, an unbeliever, met my Angels, and it is now really hard to remember being the hurting fearful woman that I was. I don't know how to explain it, only that my whole life seems to be healed and energized and imbued with passion, my body is coming back into shape like it hasn't been for over a decade, and well, the obstacles just don't seem to be there. Things I wish for come my way even when I am not exactly sure what I am wishing for. I know how this sounds, but it's really how it went. Wishing you the same miracles of healing and clarity and Blessings."
--Lauren E Delp, San Jose, CA