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My first experience with Mother Mary began at age 8, when at a moment of fear and anxiety of being possibly a victim of my father’s rage, I began to pray the rosary that I was taught in a catholic girl school in Hong Kong.  My family moved to Paris when I was 8 years old, and my parents were experiencing a great deal of marital stress, and during that time, my father became increasingly angry and violent in his temper.  Daily beatings became a part of my life until the age of 16.

One evening, he again lost his temper and began to wave a knife… and I knew that he was on the verge of losing his control, and my life was in danger.  He sent me to go to a local bakery and buy a loaf of baguette, and as I returned with the baguette under my arm, I began to pray the rosary that I was taught in the Catholic school.  As I prayed with the few words I remembered, I saw a blue light descend and surround me, and I felt a presence of calm and peace.  I walked up the 5 flights of stairs completely cocooned and warm in that blue light!  Then suddenly, there was a knock at the door, and a friend of my father just happened to drop by, and distracted him from his rage.  I was saved!

From that time on, I regularly called upon Mother Mary for her aid and protection.  And always, Mother Mary’s blue light would surround me, and protect me from harm.  In instance after instance, I found myself protected, shielded, and filled with her presence of peace, kindness, and Light.

I was born into a birth family rich with clairvoyants, psychics, teachers, ministers, healers, artists, writers and creative people. My Chinese grandfather was converted by missionaries, and became an Anglican minister who started the first Chinese Anglican church in Hong Kong.  My maternal grandmother was a devout Buddhist who supported many monasteries. So deep spirituality, faith, and devotion is in my DNA.  At the age of six, I began to have visions and saw spirits & demons.  At 8 I began to have precognitive dreams. At 15 began training in Chinese acupuncture with an aunt who was a mid- wife/ dentist/ acupuncturist.  I started college at UCLA as a pre-med, and was guided to another path after a year.  I began practicing acupuncture with friends and clients soon after. I was introduced to laying on of hands healing at a small Spiritualist church in North Hollywood in 1993 and became trained as a healer, and started to learn many other healing modalities.

At the age of 38, I found myself leaving a 16 year marriage that had become stifling & suppressive, a husband that barely tolerated my spiritual beliefs and faith; and ridiculed my spiritual practices including healing & meditation.  I had begun to channel in my mid 30’s, and that was a taboo subject.  We agreed to disagree, and I did not talk about my beliefs or my practices, and he ignored my growing success of my channeling groups, my private healing practices, as well as my classes on healing.

At one of my channeling groups I had in Ojai, CA, a spiritual center in southern California, a woman came who had a conversation with the White Brotherhood member that I was channeling, and she went on to start a church in Edmond, WA.  Strange things began to take place: every person that showed up to help her start the church was named Mary, and her lovely little church had the most wonderful energy of Mary!  She named her church “Church of Mary’s Light”.

I went up to the church from LA to channel, and to provide support; and she suggested that I should be ordained in her church, and I felt a shock, and knew that I needed to do that, even though all of my life I had a fear & distaste of all things religious as my father hated his father’s faith and religion, but made me go to Sunday school and church services just in case there was a God.

I once again felt the Blue Light descend upon me, I felt a sense of compelling, a great knowing that my life is about to change, and that I needed to do this.  I had no idea what it would mean, nor where it would take me… and the next nearly 30 years has been as a minister, later Priest & now Bishop, and leader of the Madonna Ministry. I was guided each day by Mother Mary, I had many visions with Mother Mary, and she has guided me through the journey of being a spiritual leader and teacher.

I began to channel Mother Mary’s Blessings during ceremonies for the church as well as privately for various clients, friends & family.  Many people claimed that after the Blessing, their lives changed, and who they were changed for the better! These and other miracles began to take place.

My Journey with Mother Mary is really my journey into the One, sharing my private journey of growth, experience, learning, initiation and re-awakening to my own true Self, my Being, and as a beloved aspect of God.   In each of us is the seed that contains the whole, the pattern for the entire cycle of birth to death to rebirth, the mandala patterns of God-given gifts, and the veiled knowledge of All-There-Is, the I AM, and the Eternal OM.  My Journey with Mary has spanned lifetimes, and over one thousand years in preparation for this lifetime, traversed most continents, and many cultural and spiritual paths.  I have struggled through my own Dark Nights, wrestled with demons, sang with the Angels and Faeries, and studied from the Discarnate Masters. But my Journey has always remained true to my purpose – being an emissary for Mother Mary.  All of my life experiences has brought me to this time and this moment – to be a Messenger of Hope and Peace, and bring Grace to those who have forgotten – and sometimes, I’m guilty of forgetting also.

So this website is my calling, my soul contract, and my mission at this time in my life – after a lifetime of service, and now this is my final service to the world… to offer Mother Mary’s Blessings to those who are in need.  Her Light calls to each of us, her Love illuminates our hearts and souls, and her touch blesses us to be the highest and best we can be as humans, as living conscious beings, and for our Journeys.


  • BeLoved Sister…You have come to my Awareness in a very Auspicious Window. As One who is Intimate with the BLUE RAY BEINGS…and One who is deeply connected to the WHITE WOLF…and ONE who is very connected to MOTHER MARY…I AM soooo Grateful to have been Guided to you today. Currently, I AM in Shasta hosting a Couples Retreat with my BeLoved Wife. We have created a container for Couples to Reveal & Heal the blocks around the Heart, so that Divine Love will fill their Hearts. Your Loving Presence is Felt, and Mother Mary’s Love through You is Supremely Comforting. Blessings & Gratitude.

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